The ruins of Zvěřinec Castle

Monínec is located in the beautiful region of Toulava, which stretches along the border between Central and South Bohemia and lies in the middle of the route between Prague and Šumava. It stretches from Sedlčany to Bechyně, from Mladá Vožice to Milevsko and across the broad area around the town of Tábor. It lies proudly among the green peaks alternating with river valleys and sloping down to the marshy wetlands, between small towns and picturesque villages.

Discover the romantic ruins and forts on the hills and cliffs above the river.

The ruins of Zvěřinec Castle

Zvěřinec Castle is linked to Master Jan Hus, Karel Hynek Mácha and mysticism. It has been set in the hilly landscape to the south of Jesenice since the 14th century. Not much of it has survived to this day, but it has become wreathed in mystery and interesting legends.

It is most probably named after the local hill and forest, which used to be the location of a hunting preserve. The details of its origins, as well as how and exactly when the castle was abandoned, remain a mystery. It may have been deserted due to a war, or possibly for much simpler reasons. What local “evidence” points to the fact that Master Jan Hus preached to people at the castle and how did the ruins become a favourite of the young Karel Hynek Mácha? You will find out all this and more on the educational trail leading to Zvěřinec from the hamlet called Zadní Bouda.

Zvěřinec Castle

A corner of the Jistebnice highlands Nature Park reaches all the way to the castle ruins, so the view into the surrounding landscape is certainly worth it. And if you enjoy a little mysticism, you will be interested in the torso of the guard tower, which radiates positive energy, just like the several menhirs along the educational trail.

How to get there?

The ruins are 5 km by foot from Monínec along the red trail, or 8 km by car through the town of Sedlec-Prčice.