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Complement your corporate event in Monínec with a thematic workshop. 

We live in exponential times, the demands on employees are constantly increasing, how to handle it? Strong immunity, a positive mindset and effective stress management are the key to creativity and sustainable performance. Use the mind as a tool and learn to concentrate better and perform daily tasks more efficiently. Complement your corporate event in Monínec with a thematic workshop and learn to use the mind as a tool..

Course: Mind as a tool

Are you exhausted and tired? Do you feel under constant stress and feel that you are going to the edge of your physical possibilities? Do you have a problem with concentration and are you constantly dominated by a whirlwind of endless thoughts? Then this course is right for you!

In the course you will learn:

  • use the mind as a tool
  • better to concentrate and perform daily tasks more efficiently
  • switch stressful activities to stress-free ones
  • understand the functions, effects and contexts of the autonomic nervous system during stress and regeneration
  • Consciously produce the hormones of happiness and adrenaline in the body and use them to manage stress
  • calm your mind and stay focused at any time of the day
  • gain experience with the state of FLOW, which is manifested by joy, increased creativity, efficiency and zeal for life

Compensatory exercises for the office

There is only one movement. We should move well first, then we can move a lot. Sitting on a chair is natural for the body. Unfortunately, spending most of the day on chair is no longer healthy. Change your movement habits and you won't need to deal with back or headaches.

Running seminar for runners and non-runners

Not every adult can run right as a sprinter, endurance, or child. Running is part of our lives, whether we run to the bus or our goal is to overcome a marathon. In our presentation, technology is superior to performance.

The course is based mainly on a summary of knowledge from the Pilates Clinic Method, Spiraldynamik®, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to Kolář and several running concepts - from those for endurance runners to sprinters.

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