Relax in Monínec

Come relax and gain strength.
It will not only charge you with the friendly environment of the hotel,
but also quality gastronomy, friendly staff
and especially the breathtaking nature...

Accommodation Deluxe

When you rest, so in style. Turn off and be pampered. Unlimited access to the sauna and pool, massages and luxury dinners in our hotel restaurant. For all who are not satisfied with the average.

Stay for two people, accommodation in Hotel Monínec in a room with a terrace and a view of the valley and gastronomic experiences during a three-course dinner together with a bottle of sensual wine included.

Relaxation by the water

Today, we are no longer just a ski resort, after several variables, we have become visited all year round, mainly due to the possibility of water refreshment. Indoor pool, complemented by an outdoor pool with heated water, pearls and countercurrent.

We can only recommend a modified sunbathing meadow by the Pilský rybník near the lower area to all fans of natural swimming.


Wellness with the most beautiful views can be found in the basement of the Hotel Monínec. Thanks to the large windows, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the valley of Czech Meran from comfortable loungers.

You can use the indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna or treat yourself to a massage! The indoor pool has compact dimensions and is suitable purely for regeneration or children's entertainment.


Massages for beauty and perfect regeneration will be provided by a professionally performed massage. After a relaxing day in Monínec, the perfect ending!

As part of the massage services, it is possible to complete the following types: classic (neck, chest, lumbar spine or whole body), sports (back and legs), Thai foot massage, hot stone massage, chocolate or honey massage with wrap or sea salt massage.

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