Bees and Ants educational trail

There are 16 information panels at eight stations, which familiarise the general public and visitors to the Monínec Complex, in a clear and coherent form, with natural and local attractions in the Jetřichovice locality. The creation of the Monínec Educational Trail – Bees and Ants was undertaken by Ms. Veronika Souralová, MSc, photographer, gallerist and traveller, who devotes herself to the systematic acquisition of photographs of the life of insects. The entire route leads from the lower part of the complex to the hotel, and makes for a pleasant walk.

On Monínec, it’s also possible to liven things up with an educational trail that explains the micro world of bees and ants. The educational trail was created on the route between the M2 Restaurant and Hotel Monínec, and is approximately 1.5 km long.

The start of the educational trail is located beside the M2 Restaurant, on the bottom part of the ski slope, from where it leads to the first area that focuses on bees. Here, the panels explain why bees are useful, and what bee products are. The trail also includes a description of a beehive, hatching and the life of bees. A beehive is set up a safe distance from the site.

The next section leads around a glade to a location with an extensive view, where there is a station with information about the history of the castle. The second complete section is devoted to ants; here, visitors can find out about their importance for the forest, and life in an anthill. The trail then continues to the meadow in front of Hotel Monínec.

Seating is provided at the stations along the trail, so that visitors can rest.

Where are these information panels located?