Yoga and meditation 

Monínec is an ideal place for your training group!

The Monínec resort is a year-round center located on the border of Central and Southern Bohemia. Guests from all over the country come here not only for individual holidays, but also for training groups! Where is the best way to regenerate body and mind than in the amazing nature of Czech Meran? Don't hesitate and take your training group to Monínec! We will prepare the background according to your requirements and make sure that everything works perfectly.

Main premises for rent

The main advantage of the resort is nature! So why not exercise outdoors? Take a bottle of water, a mat and you are ready for a yoga class at dawn! There is nothing better than clearing your mind in the fresh air.


If it rains, we still have a solution - a gym! It is absolutely suitable for group lessons! The gym is located in the basement of the hotel and is also connected to the hotel wellness. The room has a view of the landscape of Czech Meran. So if you get caught in bad weather, it's a clear choice.

The room is for up to 50 people. The most common activities are yoga, meditation but also aerobics and other exercises.


Wellness with the most beautiful views can be found in the basement of the Hotel Monínec. Thanks to the large windows, you can see a panoramic view of the Czech Meran valley from the comfortable sun loungers. In addition, regeneration is important after exercise! You can recharge in the sauna, whirlpool and pool. Indoor pool, complemented by an outdoor pool with heated water, pearls and countercurrent.

Sufficient accommodation capacity

The Monínec resort has a sufficient number of accommodation capacities. If you plan to come in a larger exercise group, you do not have to worry about there not being beds for everyone. There are 220 beds available, in addition to the hotel also in the mentioned New Javorka and then in the pension Čertovka (cottages immediately below the hotel and in ski apartments about 10 minutes downhill from the hotel).

Large lounge Hotel Moninec*** 

For more people, there is a large hotel lounge, which can be vacated for exercise. The capacity is up to 100 people.

It is also possible to use the equipment of the room, which includes a data projector, screen, flipchart, acoustic wall cladding, blackout blinds, sound equipment and air condition.

Restaurant a catering

The restaurant in the Monínec*** hotel offers quality cuisine and a pleasant sitting area with a view of the panorama of Czech Meran. The restaurant offers traditional Czech dishes and specialties for sweet tongues. Meals are prepared by a team led by chef Marek Volšanský. Every day we prepare a daily menu for our guests, in which you will find ready meals, snacks and children's meals.

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