Animation programs

Animation programs not only for children throughout the summer 2022.

Entertain the whole family every day and all day! Experience summer to the fullest and gather experiences in Monínec with us.

Program for every day

If your children do not sit for a while and are active all day, we have exactly the right animated for them and in fact for you!

Animation programs for every day and all day! 

Night stars

When was the last time you observed the night sky? Monínec will give you space and accompany you through the starry sky.

Every summer holiday Thursday in Monínec we have an evening program with stars about the stars ready for you! An educational talk will be waiting for you
about the stars, stellar projection in the hall and the observation of the telescope itself.

Cultural stars within reach

Even before you look at the starry sky, you will be greeted by singing stars! You can look forward to performances by several Czech singing stars.

Come to Monínec and experience something unusual!

Summer outdoor cinema

Enjoy the early evening at the summer cinema! You can look forward to a movie night every Wednesday. The screening will take place under the hotel terrace.

20. 7. Princezna zakletá v čase
27. 7. Cesta do pravěku
3. 8. Gump - pes, který naučil lidi žít
10. 8. Deníček Moderního fotra
17. 8. Myši patří do nebe
24. 8. Cesta za králem trolů


International days

Will you find yourself in Greece, France, Spain or beyond? Be surprised! We have prepared for you not only international gastronomy, but also themed games in the Park Activities. The plan is also to teach vocabulary and games, which are typical for each country. The evening will be followed by themed dinners and evening moderated entertainment. International days await you every holiday Tuesday.

Another offer full of experiences and relaxation

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