Don't miss the unique opportunity to support the area, which is a popular destination for skiing fans all year round,
cycling or adrenaline sports and last but not least lovers of golf, gastronomy and good wine.
Present your brand or services.

Advertising space in Monínec

A wide range of advertising space provides partners with a sufficient opportunity to present their product brand. At the same time, our vision is not to stay only with traditional ways of marketing communication, but to create a test field from the premises for innovations and new trends.

For you, this means the opportunity to combine your name with a growing company and use non-traditional channels to reach potential clients or build a brand. With the gradual modernization, expansion and improvement of sports activities in the summer season, Monínec is becoming an important year-round recreation center in the newly emerging tourist region of Toulava.

Main advantages

Promote your brand, service or company where you can be seen all year round.

Brand building

Build your brand offline in the form of advertising space throughout the Monínec resort for all year round.

Year-round resort

The Monínec resort is visited all year round with the possibility of activities of all kinds. Attendance is about 220,000 people a year.

Potential clients

Rich base of potential clients. Every year, the resort is visited by customers with a wide range of interests. We organize events regularly.

Basic information

Catchment area
Prague and Central Bohemia, Tábor region

Target group
Families with children, Active athletes (20 - 50 years)

Organizing events
Dark snow, Monínec patří dětem, 720 SKI vs. SNB battle, Burton events, Predator race, Monínec patří psům apod.

The average number of visitors in the winter season
100,000 people

Active communication
Online, outdoor, print in resort

Average number of visitors per year
220,000 people

Year-round sports resort

For the winter, Monínec is equipped with state-of-the-art snowmaking technology with the possibility of snowing even at temperatures above zero. Thanks to that, it does not depend on the weather and the winter season is here from November to April.

The partnership does not end with the last snowflake. With winter attendance around 100,000 / winter (incl. Escorts and visits)
and about 220,000 / year.

Monínec brand

There was already awareness in the area of ​​Prague and Central Bohemia in 2013 about the brand of 70%.

This figure continues to grow and gradually begins to extend beyond the catchment area.

Family atmosphere
with a strong background

We built the complex from scratch and the family relationships remained to this day. We try to carry out our work with the love and care of a family business.

On the other hand, thanks to Trigema a.s. they have acquired a strong enough background to make us feel much safer in today's turbulent world.

Space for promotion

The Monínec resort is not just a set of several disorganized banners along the ski slope in terms of promotion.

We have a great desire to take it as a whole and build from the premises and its potential is a new systematic medium that will bring its advertisers effective communication opportunities.

Due to the fact that the resort has a single owner, it has an unrivaled area and spaces where it is possible to communicate
and reach a potential client simultaneously in several places or in several activities.


We offer you not only space for a static presentation of your company.

You can also become a partner of sports organized by us
and social events, the possibilities here are really extensive
and imagination knows no bounds.

Not just promotion

Within the framework of cooperation, we do not want to conclude only in the field of promotion.

We offer our partners maximum benefits in accommodation, gastronomic facilities, rental of conference rooms, wellness services, ski passes for their customers, partners or employees.

Tailor-made partnership

We will be happy to prepare a tailor-made offer for all partners and set up mutual cooperation under the most advantageous conditions for both parties.

Contact us

Executive director:

Jaroslav Krejčí jr.
+420 603 239 666