Pools Monínec

Indoor pool

Directly in the Hotel Monínec you will find an indoor swimming pool with the most beautiful view in Bohemia - directly into the valley of Czech Meran. There is also a whirlpool.

Pool dimensions 7 x 4 m, depth 120 cm.

Price list for indoor pool

1 hour

120 CZK

accommodated adults
(apartments / pension)

1 hour

70 CZK

accommodated children 3 - 12 years (apartments / pension)

1 hour

180 CZK

adults (public)

1 hour

100 CZK

children (public)

Outdoor pool

The outdoor pool has dimensions of 10x8 meters. You can also enjoy a countercurrent or bubble bath and especially a divine view of the landscape!

For accomodates guests in the Monínec resort, use of the outdoor pool is free of charge.

Price list for outdoor pool

1 day


accommodated adults and children (apartments / pension)

1 day

100 CZK

other guests over 13 years old

1 day

50 CZK

children 4 - 13 years