Vysoký Chlumec castle

According to legend, demonic powers themselves secured this castle’s location. Every night, devils carried everything the workers had built elsewhere during the day to the top of the highest hill. Vysoký Chlumec Castle, which sprung up at the top of Chlumec in the 14th century, is the dominant feature of all of Sedlčansko.

At the time of its greatest glory, the Chlumec dominion was one of the largest in the Czech Republic, and even underwent Renaissance modifications. Unlike many historical buildings of similar character, time did not stand still in its chambers. The castle currently serves its original purpose – as a residence.

Its owners are the Arco-Zinnebergs, who bought the castle, along with the surrounding large manor, from the aristocratic Lobkowicz family in 1998. You won’t find out directly what life in the castle currently looks like, but you can imagine it from the outside. Using Jiří Svatka’s texts.


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when to visit?

Tourist information center Vysoký Chlumec
Vysoký Chlumec 14
262 52 Vysoký Chlumec

Phone : 318 865 574
E-mail: infovyschlumec@sedlcansko.cz

How to get there?

We recommend that you drive or cycle there; the castle is 17 km from Monínec. You’ll set off in the direction of Jetřichovice, around the Lihovarský Pond, until you reach the town of Sedlec-Prčice. From there you continue in the direction of Jesenice, and when you pass a long pond you’ll turn left towards Vysoký Chlumec. After you pass two more ponds, Olešný and Vápenický, you’ll reach your destination.

If you want to give your legs a rest, you can also take a bus from the town of Sedlec-Prčice.