Rules and measures during a pandemic

01. January 2022


Rules for visitors with effect from 22 November 2021 from 00:00

During the sale of ski passes at the box office, there will be a check for infectivity (vaccinations, illnesses).

From 22 November, it will only be possible to prove yourself with a vaccination certificate, a certificate of covid-19 disease not older than 180 days. PCR tests not older than 72 hours will be accepted only for persons:

  • under 18,
  • with contraindications against vaccination (recorded in ISIN),
  • vaccinated persons.

Other methods will not be accepted.


Skiing and children under 12 years

Children under the age of 12 who do not show clinical signs of Covid -19 can participate in physical activity without proving conditions

Skiing and youth 12 - 18 years

Adolescents 12 to 18 years of age who do not show clinical signs of Covid -19 may participate in physical activity with evidence of vaccination, disease or negative PCR test, which is generally valid for 72 hours, but in the case of physical activity organized under the sports association is valid for 7 days.