Ounuz village monument zone

Monínec is located in the beautiful region of Toulava, which stretches along the border between Central and South Bohemia and lies in the middle of the route between Prague and Šumava. It stretches from Sedlčany to Bechyně, from Mladá Vožice to Milevsko and across the broad area around the town of Tábor. It lies proudly among the green peaks alternating with river valleys and sloping down to the marshy wetlands, between small towns and picturesque villages.

Discover the romantic ruins and forts on the hills and cliffs above the river.

Ounuz village monument zone

Ounuz is a small village hidden in the hills of Český Merán, not far from Javorová skála, where it is completely surrounded by pastures and the mysterious Devil’s Stones. You will find several timbered buildings here, which make up the village. Most of them have been preserved in their original appearance, which makes Ounuz a live open-air museum of vernacular architecture.

Ounuz Village

It is truly worth taking a walk through this village and its surrounding area and it doesn’t matter which direction you take. You can expect beautiful views of the hilly landscape of Český Merán in every direction.

The picturesque wooden buildings with their thatched roofs and the stone bell tower of Our Lady, may seem familiar – they appeared in the fairy-tale about the “Proud Princess”.

How to get there?

Ounuz Village is 3 km away from Monínec. Take the chairlift up the hill or set out from the hotel by foot, through the forest to the top of Javorová skála, and set out in the direction of Cunkov and then to Ounuz.